Pinocchio for Years 1 and 2!

Today the actors of JumpingDucks came to perform Pinocchio for Years 1 and 2. Great!!!!!

Music and Theatre with JumpingDucks

This week we are having JumpingDucks Company here at the school to perform Pinocchio for year 1 and 2 and to bring us a musical theatre workshop for years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Check what they do:

We're ready!!


Howdy! Our Welcome to the Far West English Day was on the 23rd of March! And here we have the videos, we hope you like them! 
Thank you all ❤️!




click on the square on the videos to make them bigger
or click here to watch them on the school website

Telling the Time - Practice

Hi there!

A great page to practise time!

fixed clock face

10th Anniversary

Today it's our 10th anniversary! I started this blog just 10 years ago, on the 15th February 2008...
Ten years of learning, having fun, singing, listening, reading, writing and speaking. And lots and lots of pupils...some of them grown up people already!

Time flies!
See you around for the next 10!


A team work activity in 4B, with a self-assessment rubric on the screen for the pupils to get awareness of their work.

Hard Working Challenge!

Hi, here's the first super winner of the HARD WORKING CHALLENGE of the first term.
She's Marta, she's in year 4 and she completed a lot of extra tasks to win the challenge.

Congratulations and thank you for your great job! 👏💪😘

Learning about New Zealand

Hi, we are learning about an English Speaking Country: New Zealand. It's an amazing country!

We are using a wonderful template by SCHOLASTIC, and we're working in groups to fill in all the information.